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BCAW 2017

On this page you will find a collection of resources that help demonstrate the theme for the week by highlighting the importance of being cyber resilient, or perhaps the cost of not being cyber resilient. Click on the links below to discover more. Don't forget you can also find plenty of other resources relating to business continuity by accessing our Virtual Expo.

Building resilience by improving cyber security

Our latest paper reveals that the actions of individuals can often leave our organizations vulnerable to attack, and the security mechanisms put in place become defunct if users are simply inviting intruders in. For example, the music band Gorillaz had their Vimeo account hacked and album leaked online - their password was reported to be '2017', and a French television network was allegedly hacked after they broadcast an interview with a user name and password in the background. Building resilience by improving cyber security identifies six ways that users can help improve their organization's cyber security, and also their own personal cyber security. The paper demonstrates that many of us are currently falling short of this and encourages each of us to do more.

BCI Cyber Resilience Report 2016

The BCI Cyber Resilience Report is an analysis of cyber security incidents experienced by organizations across the world, and how they respond to them. These types of incidents are not rare occurrences with two-thirds of organizations experiencing at least one during the previous year. Furthermore, one fifth take a worrying four hours or more in responding to a cyber event which has clear implications for the time taken to return to business as usual, and the ultimate cost of the incident to the organization.


BCI Horizon Scan Report 2017

The BCI Horizon Scan has become a vital resource to those working in the fields of business continuity, risk or resilience, and as such it is getting a greater number of respondents from a wider range of countries and industries. The 2017 Horizon Scan Report showed that once again it was cyber attack that was the number one threat, with data breaches remaining in second place and network outages third. Adverse weather moved up three places to enter the top five along with security incident.


BCI Working Paper: Digital business requires digital business continuity

Cyber resilience is a topic of interest among practitioners as evidenced by the wealth of research on the subject. In this edition of the BCI's Working Paper Series, Rudy Muls MBCI draws from his extensive experience as a practitioner, to relate cyber resilience to its implications to business continuity practice by referring to the BCM Lifecycle. He further demonstrates possible opportunities for collaborating with our information security counterparts.


BCI Working Paper: Cyber supply chain resilience

Cyber threats to the supply chain have become increasingly prevalent due to the extensive sharing of digital information between a company and its suppliers. With changing geopolitical landscapes and the rise of new global powers, outsourcing activities present new and more complex challenges to businesses. This paper highlights the importance of business continuity to supply chain cyber security and uses case studies and experience to address the threat and suggest a way forward.