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As a leading modern professional body, the Business Continuity Institute relies on the expertise and commitment of its volunteer community for the development and promotion of business continuity. This includes the effective delivery of many wide ranging activities for the benefit of individuals, organizations and society, including events, publications and product development.

There are a number of regular opportunities to be involved with voluntary work with the BCI:

Schools engagement

Engaging future business continuity professionals is a vital activity in supporting the BCI’s purpose of promoting a more resilient world. The BCI currently works with Inspiring the Future in the United Kingdom to facilitate this engagement.
What is Inspiring the Future? 
Inspiring the Future is a free service which will see tens of thousands of people from all sectors and professions go into state schools and colleges to talk about their jobs, careers, and the education routes they took.  

Everyone from CEOs to apprentices can volunteer for Inspiring the Future. 
Recent graduates, school leavers and people in the early stages of their career can be inspirational to teenagers - being close in age they are easy to relate to; while senior staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Your insights will help to inspire and equip students for the next steps they need to take.

How it works 
Follow this link to sign up. By signing up, you make it easy for local schools and colleges to get in touch to see if you can help them help their pupils make better decisions about the future.  You might be asked if you could take part in a careers’ fair, in career networking (speed dating about jobs) or do a lunchtime talk to sixth formers about your job and how you got it.  Typically, volunteers will go into schools just once a year to speak with young people. During busy times, it’s easy to suspend your account.

Inspiring the Future: free, easy, effective & fun 
Volunteering for Inspiring the Future is free, easy, effective and fun. Volunteers and education providers are connected securely online, and volunteering can take place near home or work as employees specify the geographic locations that suit them. Criminal Records Bureau checks are NOT needed for career insights talks.

Why volunteer in a local school or college?

  • To help young people make informed choices. Going into state schools and colleges can help dispel myths about jobs and professions, and importantly, ensure that young people have a realistic view of the world of work and the routes into it.
  • Practice communication and presentation skills in a different environment. Young people are a receptive, enthusiastic and inquisitive audience; they often ask unexpected questions.
  • Getting young people interested in your job, profession or sector can help develop the talent pool and ensure a skilled workforce in the future.

Visit the website

Does a similar scheme operate in your country? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Mentoring is a developmental partnership which enables the exchange of best practice and the open consideration of career opportunities. A successful partnership can overcome the common concern that business continuity practitioners tend to sit on their own within different organizations, making it difficult to exchange ideas with others in the field.

The BCI runs a successful mentoring programme that is open to all members of the BCI and offers them great scope for improving their knowledge, understanding and practical application of good practice in business continuity.

More information is available here.

Writing for the BCI

The BCI are always looking for good quality written pieces, produced on a voluntary basis for use on our website and other media. We can’t guarantee that any work you produce will be used but we will credit everybody who has contributed to a piece. Writing for the BCI can be a good way to increase your personal profile in the business continuity community and can also act as Continuing Professional Development time.

Specific opportunities that are available now are listed below.

Blogs & webinars

A blog is a great way of providing information to your audience in a short informal manner. Usually based on personal experience they offer a practical lesson based on an actual situation in order to get the reader to think about how they might deal with the situation. They are not news items that concentrate solely on the facts, rather they are stories that demonstrate how the facts are relevant to the way we work. If you are interested in blogging for the BCI then please submit your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Blogs are normally in the region of 750 words and bloggers should include a short bio that can be added at the end, and an image that provides a pictorial depiction of what you have written, or perhaps just a photo of the blogger.

Webinars are a great tool that allow you to reach a global audience in order to get your message across. From the audience's point of view it is a great educational experience allowing them to understand a topic in greater depth and ask questions if they require further information, all from the comfort of their own computer. From the host’s point of view it is a tool for enhancing reputation, building relationships and lead generation. If you are interested in hosting a webinar for the BCI then please submit your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Webinars normally last about an hour and include 40 minutes of presentation and 20 minutes for Q&A. All webinars are recorded so can be watch live or on demand.

Working paper series

These papers can come in the form of best practice articles, case studies, empirical research, quantitative/qualitative analysis, or a meta-analysis of available literature in the field, among others. They can range from 2,500 – 5,000 words and are designed to;

  • capture the state of knowledge in business continuity (BC) and related fields;
  • track current and emerging BC trends;
  • provide inputs that may influence the profession; and
  • discuss the future of BC as a discipline.

Submissions and enquiries can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Chapters and forums

The BCI global community is active worldwide through a number of chapters & forums. These groups allow professionals to network and learn from each other, create and share new knowledge, hear about the latest developments in the profession and contribute to the development of business continuity globally and volunteer opportunities are regularly available.
The role of chapters & forums is wide ranging and includes the following:

  • To support the regional growth of the BCI Membership
  • To encourage new professionals to take up a career in business continuity (BC)
  • To promote the highest standards of both professional and technical competency in BC in their region
  • To encourage the continued professional and technical development of BC professionals working in their region
  • To represent the BCI on all BC standards initiatives
  • To facilitate and promote regional networking opportunities to enable BC professionals working in their region to come together to share good BC practice, exchange ideas and build valuable relationships

To find out more about individual Chapters use the links in the 'BCI in your area' box at the bottom of this page.

The BCI operates a number of Forums around the world which are organised by members locally on a voluntary basis. To find out more about individual Forums, visit our Forum page. Various resources from Regional Forum meetings are available here.