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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017 will take place between Monday 15th and Friday 19th May 2017.

For several years, two of the greatest concerns for business continuity professionals have been cyber attacks and data breaches. In fact, the latest Horizon Scan Report, published by the Business Continuity Institute, showed that 88% and 81% of business continuity professionals respectively expressed concern about the prospect of these threats materialising. The level of concern is perhaps not surprising when you consider that the BCI’s Cyber Resilience Report revealed that two-thirds of organizations had experienced at least one cyber security incident during the previous year, and 15% had experienced at least ten.

It is perhaps no surprise that cyber security was chosen to be the theme of Business Continuity Awareness Week. As the world becomes more and more digital, so do the threats that it faces. Just as we need to protect our organizations from disruptions that occur in the physical world, so it is important that we also have plans in place to deal with disruptions in the virtual world.

So what will you do to raise awareness of business continuity and the importance of cyber security? If you are wanting to get involved with BCAW then contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at BCI Central Office to find out how. If you use Twitter, then remember to use the hashtag #BCAW2017.

News and blogs

There has been plenty of research carried out in the field of cyber resilience, research that exposes the magnitude of the issue and the cost of when things go wrong. The BCI frequently analyses this research and highlights those reports of interest. Click here for further information.


In order to help promote the week and publicise the message we are trying to get across, we have produced a series of posters. Each poster highlights a different action an individual can take to improve cyber security. Click here to see the full range and to download your free copies.


The BCI has put together an extensive webinar programme to provide educational material to those working in the industry. All the webinars are free to watch and can be viewed live or on demand. Click here for further information.

Win an Amazon gift card

If you need an incentive to get involved with BCAW then look no further as this year we are offering you two opportunities to win an Amazon gift card worth £250 (or equivalent value in another currency). Click here for further information.

BCI resources

The BCI has produced a few publications on cyber resilience, from our research reports, such as the Horizon Scan Report and Cyber Resilience Report which demonstrate why cyber is a business continuity issue, to our working paper series which look at specific aspects of cyber resilience. Click here for further information.

External resources

In the build up to, and during, BCAW the BCI will be publishing and collating a collection of external resources that provide educational material to those working in the industry, and can be used to help demonstrate the value of business continuity and the need for cyber resilience. Click here for further information.


How well would you handle a crisis? During BCAW, and the surrounding weeks, the BCI will be offering free use of its BC24 online incident simulation game, allowing users to put their crisis response skills to the test. Click here for further information.

Get involved

To encourage people to get involved with BCAW, the BCI has put together some ideas on how you can contribute to an awareness raising campaign in your own workplace, and highlight the value of BC to colleagues. Click here for further information.


It is often said that a picture tells a thousand words, so if imagery is your desired method to get a message across then we have collated a selection of infographics highlighting some of the key facts regarding cyber resilience. Click here for further information.


Cyber resilience is a serious topic, but if you would like a little light relief, then we have collated a selection of cartoons to keep you amused, while still helping to demonstrate the theme. Click here for further information.