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BCAW 2016

Business Continuity Awareness Week is an annual event organized by the Business Continuity Institute to raise awareness of the importance of business continuity and resilience, and in 2016 it was held between the 16th and 20th May.

The theme for the week was return on investment and, in addition to the obvious benefits business continuity has in the event of a disruption, it looked at the other advantages it may have. For example, it could be that your insurance premiums are reduced (or not increased by as much!) as a result of having an effective business continuity plan; perhaps having a business continuity plan in place, and therefore being seen as a reliable supplier, has won you extra business; or possibly the analysis of your organization as part of the business continuity process has identified where efficiency savings could be made.

Whatever the reason, business continuity is not just an overhead, it is a good investment, and BCAW was used to help get this message across.


The BCI put together an extensive webinar programme during BCAW to provide educational material to those working in the industry. All the webinars are free to watch and can still be viewed on demand. Click here for further information.


In the build up to, and during BCAW, the BCI published and collated a collection of resources that provide educational material to those working in the industry, and can be used to help demonstrate the value of business continuity. Click here for further information.


The BCI designed four posters that could be used to help promote BCAW. The posters were produced in various sizes to encourage people to display them in prominent locations in their workplace and share them using social media. Click here to download your copies.


Once again as part of BCAW, Ken Simpson FBCI hosted a flashblog on behalf of the BCI. At 10am GMT on Tuesday 17th May, business continuity and resilience bloggers from across the world posted their blogs all answering the same question, but all with different perspectives. Click here to read the blogs.

eLearning: What is BC?

How can you raise awareness of business continuity when your colleagues don't even know what it is? To help you out, and to help increase that basic knowledge, the BCI has made available one of its eLearning modules free of charge. The 'what is business continuity?' module is part of the full BCI eLearning course 'building resilience' and is designed to provide an understanding of the principles of BC. Click here for further information.

Engaging the c-suite

The theme for BCAW 2016 was about highlighting the value of business continuity, and there is perhaps no group more important to highlight this to than the c-suite. What could you achieve if you had the interest and support of the key influencers in your organisation? The BCI's 'engaging your c-suite' toolkit guides you through the three steps that will enable you to confidently engage your senior executive. Click here for further information.


It is often said that a picture tells a thousand words, so if imagery is your desired method to get a message across then our Pinterest board of infographics highlighting the value of business continuity is ideal for you. Click here for further information.

How to raise awareness

To encourage people to get involved with BCAW, the BCI put together some ideas on how they can contribute to an awareness raising campaign in their own workplace and highlight to their colleagues what value the industry has to them. Click here for further information.


Perhaps one of the best way to raise awareness of BC (except during a disruption) is through exercising, so the BCI is once again opening up its online simulation game free of charge during BCAW. BC24 allows players to take on various roles and see what actions the would need to take when their organization experiences a disruption. Click here for further information.