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Building Resilience Communities in Africa
and the Islands

12 September 2017, The Pivot at Monte Casino, Fourways, Johannesburg

Once again, it’s time for Africa to be represented on the Global Business Continuity community. The 2017 BCI Africa Conference and Awards event scheduled for 12th September 2017 follows on our inaugural event of last year. It is in fact our 5th Annual event and is the event to attend to interact with practitioners and representatives from the counties on the African Continent and the Islands of the Indian Ocean.

No longer is Business Continuity a ‘nice to have’. The Principles of Business Continuity as a Societal Security issue now influence the thinking of a wider range of disciplines and professions than ever before.

Scholars, Legislators, Risk and Compliance managers, facilities and Logistics experts, IT professionals, small enterprises and multinationals governments and communities all have a role to play in developing and implementing Business Continuity within their constituencies.

Since our last conference, the global landscape has changed in ways that we could not imagine and Africa is directly influenced by many of these changes. The futurists views of changes in the way business is conducted and industries are run are no longer future -they are real, from self-flying cars to advanced artificial Intelligence applications.

As the saying goes: “The future isn’t what it used to be!”

How will these affect your view of the world and your strategies for continuity and resilience. In fact, how does your community stack up against others in its ability to survive a major disruption?

Our programme of topics has been specifically chosen to challenge the paradigms of Business Continuity that exist in Africa.

Brian HenryBCI SADC Chapter have worked very closely with experts and leading industry representatives to bring this event to you. We urge you to take this opportunity to and join us in expanding the relationships and friendships that we all forged at our previous conference, and to celebrate the achievements of our profession over the past 12 months.

We look forward to welcoming you to our conference and to the BCI community.

Brian Henry FBCI BCI SADC, Chapter Chairman