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Preparing the profession for a resilient future

Since its inception, the goal of the Business Continuity Institute has been to promote a more resilient world, and with so much attention being placed on resiliency in recent years, never has this goal been more pertinent. When the Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014, the focus was not on our past achievements, it was on our vision of the future. From that vision emerged the 20/20 Think Tank, a group of Thought Leaders from across the discipline with a passion to drive it forward and fine tune it in order to meet the needs of the future. Taking a strategic view of the profession, the regional groups that make up the 20/20 Think Tank were created to support those working in the profession by performing two main functions:



Use the vast wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by members of the 20/20 Think Tank to shape the direction of the profession, and so develop the career opportunities for those working in business continuity or resilience

Use the resources and influence of the 20/20 Think Tank to raise the profile of business continuity and resilience, demonstrate their value to business leaders and so get a seat at the top table with resilience embedded into organizational strategy

The role of the business continuity professional has evolved over the years. The challenges we have faced have changed, as have the technology and techniques used to combat these challenges. But the discipline is not only about changing threats or advancing technology, it is about the people within it. These are the people who strive to ensure that whatever disruptions our organizations face, we will be able to weather the storm and come out the other side. As the industry and organizations evolve, so must the professionals who work within them, so one of the key questions we need to consider is: what will the business continuity or resilience professional of the future look like? The 20/20 Think Tank will use its knowledge and experience to establish what skills will be required in order to meet the challenges we face now and in the future.

Of course it is not just the individuals who need to adapt to a changing environment, the professional associations that represent them must also play their part. The BCI has earned a reputation as the professional body of choice for resilience professionals by taking the lead role in discussions that help move the discipline forward. To advance the concept of resiliency further however, we and other disciplines in the resilience field must collaborate further. We must work together and combine our shared resources and influence to help bring about the reality of a resilient world.

In August 2015, the UK Group published its first White Paper - the resilience challenge for the business continuity profession - which positioned business continuity as an integral part of resilience, but also noting that building resilience goes beyond BC and requires substantial input from other protective disciplines. This represents a real opportunity for BCI members to advance professionally.

You can read the news article by clicking here.
You can read the full white Paper by clicking here.

This first paper was followed up in the Spring of 2016 with a second paper on responding to the resilience challenge, which explained how business continuity practitioners can use their unique understanding of value creation within an organization to influence governance and promote informed decision making. BC can push organizations to become more agile in dealing with emerging risks, while taking a clear role in crisis leadership.

You can read the news article and view a short video by clicking here.
You can read the full white Paper by clicking here.

At the DRJ Spring World Conference 2016, the BCI 20/20 Think Tank US Group hosted a session titled 'BCI 20/20 - The future of the continuity industry'. The discussion that followed covered a wide range of issues which illustrated the changing resilience landscape that BC professionals face today. The outcome of this was a new discussion paper on the role of business continuity professionals in the changing global threat environment.

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You can read the full white Paper by clicking here.

At the DRJ Fall World Conference 2016, the BCI US Chapter and the US 20/20 Group had the opportunity to organize the DRJ Advanced Track. During this session, they did a deep dive into the top ten threats identified in the 2016 Horizon Scan Report and discussed with the attendees how each threat was pertinent to business continuity professionals. This paper synthesizes the discussions that took place and the output.

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You can read the full white Paper by clicking here.

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The 20/20 Think Tank is the umbrella name for a series of 20/20 Groups that have been set up worldwide. As a global organization, working in a global discipline, it is vital to get a global perspective. The three 20/20 Groups that exist so far are based in the United Kingdom, Australasia and the United States, but more are in the development phase.

The United Kingdom 20/20 Group

Bill Crichton FBCI took over the Chairmanship of the UK 20/20 Group following the departure of Lyndon Bird FBCI. He is a long-standing Fellow of the BCI, Member of the Board and a highly respected, internationally renowned business continuity and resilience professional with over 22 years’ experience. Bill has won four continuity industry awards, including the BCI Global BC Consultant of the Year in 2014, and has been a finalist on three other occasions.

The Australasia 20/20 Group

Peter Brouggy Hon. FBCI has been actively involved in the development of organizational resilience intellectual property and resilience tools for over 10 years. In 2014 Peter was the recipient of the Australasia BCI Personality of the Year Award, and in 2016 he received an Honorary Fellowship of the BCI in recognition for his contribution to the profession.

The United States 20/20 Group

John Jackson Hon. FBCI , an Honorary Fellow of the BCI, is acknowledged worldwide as an industry expert in business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management. John is Executive Advisor and Co-founder of Fusion Risk Management, Inc. and managed the Resiliency businesses of Comdisco, IBM and HP during his 35+ year industry career. A nationally recognized speaker and author, John was awarded the BCI's first ever North American Lifetime Achievement Award.  He is on the Disaster Recovery Journal and Continuity Insights Advisory Boards and is a BCI-US Board Member.