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BCI Chapters have been established in countries or regions where there is a large community of BCI members. The Chapters have locally elected officers who represent the BCI in their region. 

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BCM Legislations, Regulations and standards in Sweden

The BCI is regularly asked by members and other interested parties about current legislation, regulation and standards that exist nationally and internationally for Business Continuity Management. It is difficult to provide a definitive list because there are regular changes and amendments at a country level and often inconsistent terminology between countries, sectors and legislators. BCI has produced a document based upon information provided to us by our members around the world.

This is the Swedish contribution to the document for its next update. We have tried to gather information that could be of use for those interested in continuity management and continuity planning. The first half of the document is in Swedish and the second is the same information in English.

If any documents are missing please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can keep this a living and up to date document.