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About us

The UK North West forum covers an area of North West England broadly defined as being west of the Pennines running from Liverpool / Manchester up to the Scottish border. 

The chapter leader is Stephen Nuttall and he can be contacted by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What we do

  • Promote networking with other BCM Professionals within their own community and across the industry globally.
  • Encourage and promote the opportunity to provide BCM expertise and support to local communities.
  • Provide the opportunity and means to share knowledge and experiences across the profession and have access to such information available to benefit members locally and abroad.
  • Stimulate development of business continuity management practices and better performance among professionals and others concerned.
  • Encourage members and others to undertake voluntary work for the BCI and to promote membership of the BCI among persons eligible for membership.
  • Provide a communications channel whereby the views of the Regional Forum members may be passed to the Global Membership Council, the BCI Board and its committee.

Past events

The slides and notes from previous events can be viewed below.

Previous event slides can be viewed below

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