About us

The Business Continuity Institute

Swiss Chapter

What does the Swiss Chapter do?

We are the leading Swiss association of BCM specialists, representing enterprises and administrative bodies from all over Switzerland.

As a chapter, our main services for our members are high-level information exchange and continued education events.

In order to promote the discipline, we as a chapter have launched initiatives to make key supporting knowledge available in German. Examples are: a Multilanguage Glossary and Dictionary, plus the 2013 Good Practice Guidelines.

We are organized as an association pursuant to Art. 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code with the legal name “Business Continuity Management Network Schweiz - The Business Continuity Institute Swiss Chapter ".

Our postal address is - The BCI Swiss Chapter, CH-8000 Zürich, Switzerland

Our bank details are - The BCI Swiss Chapter, Swiss Post, PostFinance 60-307720-3/ IBAN CH31 0900 0000 6030 7720 3/ BIC: POFICHBEXX