The BCI Netherlands and Belgium Conference & Exhibition

The Business Continuity Institute

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Venue: Miele Nederland B.V. - De Limiet 2 - 4131 NR - Vianen

Language: All conducted in English

Many exciting & thought provoking presentations and discussions.

The BCI Netherlands & Belgium Conference will return for the second year in 2017 and promises to build on the 2016 event, with a programme focussed on Business Continuity and Resilience challenges &
opportunities through a local lens.

The programme is being designed to appeal to a wide range of professionals from the protective disciplines. 

Early Bird Rates extended to 30th June! 


The program is still being finalised but we can share the following with you.

The theme for this year’s conference is
‘You can’t do BCM on your own’ (BCM kan je niet alleen)
and is intended to explore BCM in the wider context of resilience.

The programme is also designed not only to attract delegates from the wider resilience disciplines but to also to better understand how collaboration between these disciplines can lead to better organisational resilience.

There will be 3 streams, to interest a wide range of participants:

1) Thought provoking – challenging the more experience practitioner

2) Practical – how to do it better

3) Collaboration – synergy leading to better resilience

Subjects already confirmed are:

Hear about the BCI & Siemens survey on long term threats such as climate change.
You can read more about the survey here.

BCM and Cyber resilience
Join an interactive session to explore how BCM can help Information Security and Crisis Management to better prepare for cyber attacks and managing them if/when they happen

 Investigate the benefits and challenges of collaboration when dealing with breaches

Explore how to efficiently work together to provide better Business and ICT continuity

Real testing
Hear how a hospital prepared and executed a real power failure test, taking into account the huge risks at stake with these large scale exercises

Discuss the dependencies and challenges of modern BCM roles in context of collaborative working

Supply Chain Management Resilience
The BCI Netherlands & Belgium Chapter and Genootschap voor Risk Management have been exploring the benefits of collaboration between BCM and Risk Management in large multinational companies. Hear how the findings apply to organizations of all sizes.

Reputation protection
We all take this into account when doing an impact analysis but what is it actually? A practical model for determining potential reputation damage will be discussed during this session

Watch this space for more details and the keynote speakers!