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The BCI Asia Awards 2014 recognise the outstanding contribution of business continuity professionals and organizations living in or operating in China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia.

The Awards are being celebrated as part of the12th Asia Business Continuity Conference which takes place on 14th-15th August 2014 in Singapore. The Awards ceremony will be held on 14th August 2014 from 5pm-7pm.


The deadline for nominations is 18th July 2014 and they should be submitted using the Nomination Form which can be found at http://www.bcmconference.com/blog/bci-abca-2013-nomination-form/. This should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



All winners from the BCI Asia Awards 2014 will be automatically entered into the BCI Global Awards 2014 that take place during the BCI World Conference and Exhibition 2014, 5th to 6th November 2014 in London.