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What scale of loss should I plan for?

Presenter: Mel Gosling MBCI, Director of Merrycon Ltd
Description: An essential element of the scope of any Business Continuity Management programme is the maximum scale of loss that the organisation plans to survive, but more often than not it is something that top management fails to define. This inevitably leads to problems when continuity and recovery solutions are designed and when deciding whether or not a particular incident is outside the scope of a BCP.
This webinar was held on Wednesday 3rd September, to watch the recorded version, click here.

Practical implementation of business continuity management governance in organisations

Presenter: Atta Hanson, Lead Consultant at Attaconsult
Description: In this webinar, Atta Hanson took the audience through a real example of business continuity management governance explaining how the programme should be structured within the organisation in order to make it most effective.
This webinar was held on Friday 5th September, to watch the recorded version, click here.

Building training and awareness programmes

Presenter: Jayne Howe FBCI, Managing Partner of the Howe Partnership
Description: Everyone in your organisation needs to be aware of your business continuity structure and capabilities, even if they are not an immediate critical resource. For those who are actively involved in incident response and business continuity activation, training programmes can be developed that are innovative, cost effective and an appropriate fit for your corporate culture.
This webinar was held on Monday 8th September, to watch the recorded version, click here.

Professional credentials can cross boundaries

Presenter: Patrick Alcantara, Research Associate at the Business continuity Institute
Description: This webinar highlighted the reasons why professional credentials enable mobility and opportunities for BC practitioners. Drawing upon the findings of recent BCI research, it showed the value proposition behind professional credentials and how certified practitioners stand to benefit. It also demonstrated how these same credentials can help BC practitioners advance professionally through the BCI’s emphasis on developing key competencies.
This webinar was held on Tuesday 9th September, to watch the recorded version, click here.

Ebola; Planning and preparing. And is your pandemic plan enough?

Presenter: David Hutcheson MBCI, Managing Director at Glen Abbot Ltd
Description: You will no doubt have seen and heard a great deal lately about the Ebola virus outbreak in South West Africa. This webinar will provide facts and practical advice for anyone who has to plan for the possible threats to their organisation and staff. It will also review the current world status of other diseases such as bird flu to help you make sure your plans are up to date.
This webinar was held on Thursday 11th September, to watch the recorded version, click here.

What if cyber defence fails?

Presenter: Rudy Muls MBCI, Crisis Management Group
Description: This presentation compares the Cyber Program with the well-known Business Continuity Management Lifecycle (GPG 2013) highlighting the intersections and possible difficulties in the different stages and how the information gathered during the Business Impact Analysis can be used when a cyber-attack occurs in the Incident Impact Analysis and Recovery stages.
This webinar was held on Tuesday 16th September, to watch the recorded version, click here.

Simplify your Business Impact Analysis - now!

Presenter: Charlie Maclean-Bristol MBCI, Director of PlanB Consulting
Description: Too many times the Business Impact Analysis contains large amounts of information which is rarely used and serves no useful purpose in informing the plan and the organisation's recovery strategies, wasting large amounts of the organisation's time. The webinar will look at how the BIA process can be simplified but still capture the essential information needed for plans and strategy development, leading to savings in time, effort and energy and allowing the business continuity manager to concentrate their energies on more productive tasks.
This webinar was held on Tuesday 16th September, to watch the recorded version, click here.

Overview of the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines Lifecycle

Wednesday 17th September: 15:00 (BST)
Presenter: Marie-Hélène Primeau MBCI, Vice President of Premier Continuum Inc.
Description: This presentation will be useful for newcomers who want to quickly understand the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines lifecycle as well as individuals who want to do an efficient review before the CBCI examination. Based on her experience as practitioner, speaker and BCI approved instructor (teaching for BCI for more than five years throughout North America and Europe), Marie-Hélène Primeau will highlight the key elements of the BCI GPG lifecycle putting them into practical context.
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Résumé du cycle de la continuité selon le guide de bonnes pratiques du BCI

Thursday 18th September: 15:00 (BST)
Presenter: Marie-Hélène Primeau MBCI, Vice-présidente, Premier Continuum Inc.
Description: Cette présentation sera utile aux gens souhaitant comprendre rapidement le cycle de la continuité du Business Continuity Institute ainsi qu’à ceux désirant effectuer une revue efficace avant de rédiger l’examen de certification de BCI. Forte de son expérience à titre de consultante, de conférencière et de formatrice agréée par le BCI (elle enseigne pour le BCI en Amérique du Nord et en Europe depuis plus de 5 ans), Marie-Hélène Primeau soulignera les éléments clés du cycle de la continuité du Business Continuity Institute et les mettra en contexte.
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Implications of emerging trends in educational technology in embedding business continuity

Monday 22nd September: 15:00 (BST)
Presenters: Malcolm Reid MBCI & Jamie Sanderson Reid AMBCI, both Directors at Brison Ltd
Description: Emerging educational technology provides innovative delivery methods for building competence, awareness, and supporting exercising and testing. Tools such as E-learning, MOOCs, webinars, Web 2.0, Games and Simulations, and Ebooks can be leveraged for cost-effective and engaging embedding of business continuity. This webinar includes relevant examples and best practices based on current research in the science of instruction.
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Leveraging the cloud for disaster recovery

Wednesday 24th September: 15:00 (BST)
Presenter: Keith Prabhu MBCI, Executive Director at Confidis & Chairman of Cloud Security Alliance - India RCB
Description: Organisations both large and small have adopted cloud solutions to achieve business objectives. However, disaster recovery (DR) remains the responsibility of the organization. The key topics that will be covered are:
- DR for Cloud based systems
- Cloud DR for tradition non-Cloud systems
- Considerations when adopting Cloud DR
- Implementation case studies
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Using The BCI GPG to comply with NCEMA 7000 standard

Thursday 25th September: 15:00 (BST)
Presenter: Ahmed Riad Ali MBCI, Manager (Risk Management & Compliance Advisory Services) at Ventures Middle East
Description: Culture plays a pivotal role within the business continuity management discipline so a major initiative in the Middle East by the United Arab Emirates was to develop a first bilingual (Arabic and English) BCM Standard. National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority have launched a Business Continuity Management Standard NCEMA 7000:2012 to ensure organizations across the UAE continue operating throughout any emergency. In this webinar I will provide an approach to comply with NCEMA 7000 using The BCI Good Practices Guidelines (GPG).
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Incident debriefing

Friday 26th September: 12:00 (BST)
Presenter: James McAlister FBCI, Director of Crisis Prepared Ltd
Description: The primary purpose of any debriefing process is to identify areas from which lessons can be learnt, discover good practice and to implement procedures for improvement. At the end of the session participants will have gained the basic tools to run effective incident debriefs.
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