Supply Chain Resilience Course

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Supply Chain Resilience Course

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Course description

This course is about understanding supply chains, how they are managed and how to add resilience measures to them, and therefore, the business. It is about how to engage with those responsible for procurement and their teams to embed business continuity and resilience into the business supply chain.

In the current climate of financial austerity, volatile markets and globalisation, supply chains are often under complex and global pressure. Suppliers may be located in areas of the world that suffer considerable threats from severe weather systems and many logistical problems.

Top Management often has a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) whose mission is to add value to the business as part of the business plan. On this course you will learn how to offer the procurement team the comfort of knowing that the resilience measures you are proposing, are an investment in resilience and a value for money proposition for the business, through cost benefit analysis.

Students will learn the terminology used by procurement professionals and how to influence decisions on awarding contracts to more resilient suppliers to create resilient supply chains.

This course is based on the Business Continuity Institute's Good Practice Guidelines and reflects the current global thinking from ISO 22301 and ISO /TS 22317 and ISO /TS 22318.

Who should attend?

Business continuity and resilience professionals who are responsible for their organization’s BCM programme with a need to understand the importance of supply chain resilience and how to incorporate this into every day practice.

It is recommended that students have a minimum of a CBCI or equivalent credential with experience working in an organization in a continuity and resilience related role

Course objectives

The objectives of this training course are to provide students with the ability to:

  • Understand supply chains and their component parts
  • Develop value for money supply chain resilience solutions
  • Understand how to engage with staff responsible for awarding more resilient contracts
  • Create Top Management reports such that the report supports the concepts of building supply chain resilience.

Course delivery

This BCI training course is delivered as either a one-day theory course or a two day theory and practice course, classroom based, by the BCI’s global network of licensed Training Partners and Approved BCI Instructors.

Certificate of attendance

All students will receive an official certificate of attendance directly from the BCI.