The Business Continuity Institute


Working closely with the BCI Central Office, it is our task:

  • To represent the needs and professional requirements of BC professionals working in the USA
  • To be recognised as the premier influential organization for all aspects of Business Continuity in the USA
  • To help shape and influence the future direction and development of BC in the USA, including all BC related standards, legal, statutory and regulatory
  • To develop local, strategic partnership relationships with other BC related organizations
  • To ensure the continued global growth and influence of the BC discipline across different industries and sectors
  • To increase the benefits of BCI Membership, including exclusive access to personal development, training and education opportunities as well as member discounts from partner organizations
  • To encourage new members into the Institute and to grow the BCI USA Membership
  • To encourage new blood into the BC industry and to promote BC as a career choice
  • To promote the highest standards of professional and technical competency in BC in the USA
  • To expand the knowledge base and thought leadership opportunities for BC professionals working and living in the USA
  • To encourage the continued professional development of BC professionals working and living in the USA through the provision of professional support and development activities
  • To facilitate and promote regional networking opportunities to enable BC professionals working in the USA to come together to share good BC practice, exchange ideas and build valuable relationships.