The Business Continuity Institute

The Business Continuity Institute


The BCI has developed a series of Workshops, for members and non-members, which take an in depth look at subjects that are of particular current relevance to business continuity practitioners. Some of the Workshops are linked to specific risks, others look at different industries, while others focus on BCM skills or processes. Expert speakers present their thoughts, case studies and ideas - knowledgeable practitioners review what they have heard and debate the subject. Each Workshop brings together BCM practitioners in a way they can work together to share thoughts and experiences helping to find methods to tackle and solve problems.

Their views are captured and recorded to produce a highly valuable Workshop Report which will help to move the boundaries of the discipline forward by sharing the learning from the event.

To contribute to BCI Workshops or suggest topics for future Workshops please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Workshops Reports

BCI Workshop Reports are unique within the BCM market. Each publication is independently compiled and based upon the experience and insight of business continuity practitioners.

BCI Workshops focus on a specific aspect of Business Continuity Management, industry sector or current business challenge. Readers of the BCI Workshop reports will gain from the experience of both speakers and workshops participants in terms of best practice, practical advice and collective knowledge.

Workshop reports are free to download for BCI members from the members only section.