eLearning: BCI Crisis Leadership Course

This BCI course introduces the skills needed in Crisis Leadership. The course takes an in-depth look at the key elements of leadership, how to develop leadership styles & skills, the emotional & behavioural elements of leadership, managing multiple stakeholders; the course also contains interviews with experienced Crisis Leaders.

Who is the course for?

The Crisis Leadership Course is designed for anyone who may find themselves leading, or participating in, a crisis response on behalf of their organisation. This includes CEO’s, Directors, senior management teams, business continuity & resilience professionals, communications, and any other individual/teams that are involved in dealing with crisis in your organization.

What does the course cover?


  1. What is an organizational crisis and what does a leader do to solve one?
  2. The key elements of Crisis Leadership
  3. Developing successful Crisis Leadership styles & skills
  4. The emotional and behavioural elements of Crisis Leadership     
  5. Managing the tensions of multiple stakeholders
  6. A conversation with Crisis Experts

How is the course delivered?

 Each module is delivered via a pre-recorded webcast, it contains a full slide deck and narration by Dr Sandy Bell. The course comes with  PDF to complete notes, and in each module there are exercises to get you thinking. There are 10 hours of learning in total. By purchasing this course, you will have 60 days access from the date you receive your registration eLearning link. Typically, the course should take around 7 hours to complete.