Congratulations to our BCI India & South Asia Awards 2019 Winners

Continuity & Resilience Team 

Accenture Business Resiliency Services Team India, Accenture Solutions Private Limited

Continuity & Resilience Private Professional

Prabhakar Ramakrishnan, General Manager - IT Infrastructure, CISO & DPO, TNQ Technologies Private Limited

Continuity & Resilience Consultant 

Sanjiv kumar Agarwala MBCI

Continuity & Resilience Newcomer 

Shatabdi Bhowmick

Continuity & Resilience Product / Service Provider

Training and Consulting Services, Continuity & Resilience (CORE)

Continuity & Resilience Innovation 

SIMBCM - Online BCM simulation game - Ilango Vasudevan FBCI, SARAS Ventures

Most Effective Recovery


Industry Personality 

R (RV) Vaidhyanathan 

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations again to our shortlist and winners! 

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