Nomination for Continuity and Resilience Contributor

All evidence provided should be from the previous 12 months only.

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Please provide evidence of how the nominee has met any of the criteria below: 

  • Carried out pro bono work related to Business Continuity or Organizational Resilience for a community or not for profit organisation.
  • Presented on the Business Continuity or Organisational Resilience discipline or career with a recognised education institute such as a school, college or university.  
  • Mentored people through the BCI mentoring programme or through an alternative verifiable mentoring process.
  • Published multiple articles on BC and/or Organisational Resilience subjects in recognised publications or via social media e.g. Continuity & Resilience Magazine, Disaster Recovery Journal, Continuity Insights, BCI website, LinkedIn etc. 
  • Supported key BCI Thought Leadership programmes e.g. Examination development, GPG updates, BCI Course development, BCAW (e.g. webinars), 2020 / Future Practice Groups etc. 
  • Significantly supported development of the industry or Institute outside of BCI led activities e.g. supporting the development of key industry standards, raising awareness through promotional events and activities, driving membership growth or  contributed to an industry working party e.g. DRJ EAB, ISO Technical Committee, DRII committee, ACP board, etc.
  • Been a member of BCI Conference Organising Committee or Stream Leader.  Presenter at BC or Organisational Resilience - themed Conference / Event e.g. BCI World Conference, BCI Regional Conferences, DRJ, CI, etc.  
  • Served as a BCI Auditor, BCI Assessor or Awards Judge.
  • Contributed to the active management or Governance of the Business Continuity Institute, such as in one or more of these roles: BCI Main Board member; Chair or Committee member of a BCI Chapter, 2020 / Future Practice Group Leader, BCI Conference Organising Group Leader.  Other examples can be provided.