BCI Canada Chapter Virtual Meeting Part 3: The Future of the Workplace

  • 25 Feb 2021
  • , 2:30pm - 4:00pm Pacific Time, Canada

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The BCI Canada Chapter are delighted to invite you to their next Virtual meeting for Part 3 in their series of webinars.

Inarguably the most impactful business continuity event of this century and one of the most significant in the last hundred years, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged governments, communities, businesses, and individuals to manage its impacts, and may continue to have impacts for the foreseeable future.

In this forum, business continuity practitioners will have the opportunity to review how the pandemic has changed their organizations’ physical infrastructure and workspace, the emerging risks of a decentralized staff base, and how it has changed the way we practice business continuity.

Part 3 focuses on if and how organizations are planning for a return to the office, how to tackle emerging post-covid risks and issues, identifying long term resiliency solutions and the impacts on continuity planning. 

Questions for Discussion:
1.    Is your organization prepared for a Return to the Office? Is there a Plan on how and when to get staff back?Is everyone required to come back (at least on a part time basis)?
2.    Do you anticipate issues with a Return to the Office?
3.    Have you considered a new wave or the potential for an ineffective vaccine?
4.    Are your BIAs and Risk Assessments identifying new continuity risks? How are you working these into your Plans?


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