BCI Extreme Weather & Climate Change Report 2023 - APAC Launch

  • 20 Sep 2023
  • , 3 PM (AEST) | 2 PM (JST) | 10:30 (IST)

20th September 2023, at 6:00 AM (BST) | 10:30 AM (IST) | 1:00 PM (SGT) | 3:00 PM (AEST) 

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Join us for the launch of the BCI Extreme Weather & Climate Change Report 2023 , sponsored by Conducttr. 

This report will uncover the extent to which organizations are already affected by climate change, the way they are tackling and considering it in current and future planning processes, the practical changes organizations have made (or are considering making) to current plans & exercises and how institutions leverage technology to assess, rehearse and tackle climate risk.


  • Nicholas Rushton Young.png

    Mr Nicholas Rushton- Young

    Mr Rushton- Young is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, and Security Risk Management. His impressive portfolio includes managing crisis around weather related events such as Australian flooding and New Zealand earthquakes, and managing relocation projects within the financial sector amid significant incidents such as terrorist attacks. He has also conducted recovery testing, hot site assessment, and selection, and has played a pivotal role in multi-major city down exercises and island-wide industry drills as the Red Cell Facilitator. Nick's experience is truly global, having been involved in various critical events spanning from the Docklands bombing, Mumbai, WTC terrorist attacks, and Beijing and London Olympic Emergency Response Planning. Notably, he was deployed for an extensive period in Fukushima during the reactor meltdown crisis, working closely with an MNC, the Japanese government, and the Pentagon on location, extraction, and repatriation efforts.

    Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Nick has earned prestigious awards, including Bank of America NA and Merrill Lynch's Business Continuity Crisis Manager of the Year, amongst others. Nick's involvement extends beyond professional accomplishments, as he has actively engaged in philanthropic endeavours with organizations like the British Red Cross, American Red Cross, Red Crescent, and Save The Children Fund. Nick's holistic expertise encompasses not only his professional achievements but also his dedication to philanthropy and disaster relief, making him a highly respected figure in the field of Business Continuity and Crisis Management

  • Maria Torres.jpg

    María Torres

    Head of Customer Relations, Conducttr

    Maria Torres is the Head of Customer Relations at Conducttr, where she orchestrates seamless customer care processes to optimize client experiences with the Conducttr crisis exercise simulation platform. Armed with a degree in Media & Communication and an MA in New Interactive Media & Multimedia Journalism, Maria combines her educational background with a passion for delivering top-notch customer service. Beyond her professional pursuits, she's an aficionado of punk music and an ardent fan of Dr. Who, demonstrating diverse interests.

  • Rachael.jpg

    Rachael Elliott

    Knowledge Strategist

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