In 2019, the BCI Netherlands & Belgium Conference returns to the Netherlands. This year's conference will continue the tradition of using an 'alternative' venue, and will be held at the industrial De Fabrique, Utrecht, on 13th June.
This conference has grown year on year with over 90 delegates attending in 2018, and is set to grow again this year. 

The one-day programme will examine core business continuity and resilience. This will enable new and experienced practitioners to share ideas and learn about the latest trends. The program will use a combination of case study presentations, interactive sessions and plenary addresses delivered by industry experts and innovative thought leaders.

Drawing on the expertise of the world’s leading Institute for business continuity and resilience professionals, delegates will explore global challenges considering regional solutions. 

Three clear streams will run through the event: 
•    Application – (examples) of practical applications of good practices
•    Ambition – looking forward (enhancing and improving) / research
•    Alliance – working with other operational resilience disciplines