Discover the theme for Education Month 2022!


Education Month is the BCI's annual campaign promoting the importance of education & training in Business Continuity and Resilience. 

Over the last few years, the increasing uptake of Business Continuity practices has pushed organizations to look for qualified professionals that have the right skills to put resilience practices into place. 

As the world is becoming more and more unpredictable, graduates and young professionals are seeking qualifications and certifications to future proof their careers; and on the other hand, experienced professionals need to further develop their skills and competencies to keep up with the ever changing landscape of new risks and threats. 

For these reasons, the theme for Education Month 2022 is Future proof your career which will provide information, tools, blogs, resources, interactive activities, webinars and more, to help professionals to map out their careers and acquire essential knowledge and understanding of Business Continuity as well as related topics, and current issues. 

What to expect from this year's Education Month?

As part of our programme of resources, we have included some high quality webinars - both available live and on-demand – as well as a lot of articles, blogs and interviews on career paths and experiences in business continuity and resilience. The aim for this year is to share experiences and we wanted to shed a spotlight onto our contributors in the hopes that their stories and career journeys will inspire you and help you in your career.