Five Key Aspects to Embedding Greater Good in Business Continuity Management

  • 28 Sep 2021
  • , 3:00 PM BST

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This presentation will explore the nexus between intent and behaviour, introducing the audience to a holistic framework where the approach for embedding resiliency is empowered with a deeper sense of purpose imbibed in the commitment to the greater good of all stakeholders. 
The resilient organization of the 21st century must take on the higher moral ground to fight the global challenges we face today. From climate action failure to extreme inequity, to waste & pollution, to the destruction of ecosystems, to the rise in extreme weather events, all are interconnected disruptions that demand a re-coding of our institutional response to business disruption and impact analysis. Business continuity planning must, therefore, embrace a more holistic and integrated resilience strategy where our leaders are not just good risk managers, but they proactively work to safeguard the loss of Life, fight for Dignity and respect for the most vulnerable in their supply chains, uphold Reason and moral values when mitigating risks, are advocates for the redistribution of Wealth equitably for all stakeholders, and take on the role of transnational environmental stewards to preserve the Future for generations to come. 
Business continuity managers, given the gravity of the challenges of our current state of affairs, need to take on the role of redefining their organizational risk culture: where the values and principles, beliefs and practices, rules of engagement, and the resulting strategic imperatives all align to the cause of preventing harm and promoting good. 

Presented by: 
Meg Klekner
Operational Resilience Lead

Abrar Ansari
Certified Management Consultant, Mentor, Author and Business Transformation Coach


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