How can companies mitigate against internet outages?

  • 14 Oct 2021
  • , 1PM BST

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In this webinar, Jim Preen is talking with Stephen Dale and Duncan Macdonald from Next Connex. 
● With so much business now conducted online, internet outages are a huge cause for concern. 
● Recent events at Fastly are a case in point. Visitors to an array of sites across the world were hit with a terse message: ‘Error 503 Service unavailable, connection failure’. 
● Sites down included the UK government’s website, Amazon, Reddit and many more.
● We look at how organisations can best protect themselves against internet outages, what they can do to mitigate against downtime and how this information should be reflected in their business continuity plans.
● With so many staff still working from home, business internet connections are now often conducted via home routers. How can these be made safe and secure and what are the associated dangers?
● What about cyber-crime? How can businesses guard against Ddos attacks, ransomware, and the many other forms of cybercrime?
● We will use the Fastly outage as a case study and examine the fallout from that event.
● If you are concerned about the damage an internet failure could cause your  business, then find out the latest advice on this webinar

About Next Connex
Next Connex design, build and support bespoke high-performance network infrastructure. 
They integrate third-party services into the UK’s national core fibre network and partner with independent UK data centres. They offer their customers carrier-neutral connectivity and specialise in resilience and reliability.

Jim Preen, Crisis management director at YUDU Sentinel


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