Ransomware Cyber Simulation

  • 5 Aug 2021

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On this webinar, Jim Preen is running a ransomware crisis simulation exercise. A fictional airline is under attack from hackers who look to be stealing customer data. You are part of the firm’s crisis management team and it’s up to you to plot a course out of the crisis.

The webinar is suitable for everyone concerned about tackling cyber-crime and not just those in the aviation industry.

Jim is joined by Richard Stephenson and Amar Singh to discuss the decisions taken by the participants and to give their unique take on crisis management.

Richard Stephenson is the CEO of tech company YUDU. He has run public listed companies, mid-market private equity investments and tech start-ups. His professional skills include digital strategy, crisis management, risk, and digital document publishing.

Amar Singh is a C-level executive and global chief information security officer. He is the creator of the UK Government’s NCSC-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response (CIPR) and a trusted adviser to police forces, banks, insurance companies, the NHS and telecom firms.

Jim Preen is the Crisis Management Director at YUDU Sentinel where he designs and delivers crisis simulation exercises. Formerly a journalist, he worked at ABC News (US) where he covered the Gulf War and the Bosnian conflict. He won two Emmys while working at ABC.



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