The Great Canadian Race– Resiliency vs the Great Return to the Office (post the COVID-19)

  • 16 Feb 2022
  • , 2:00pm - 3:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

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Fasten your seatbelts and join in as you are invited to participate in BCI Canada’s Chapter BCM double header virtual webinar on Wednesday February 16th. This as the new year is underway to gain new knowledge and upskilling from two professional operational management professionals; Dianne Stephens who will speak to Operational Resiliency; and secondly Ryan Cooke address the Importance of Teamwork in the Great Return to the Office. Webinars continue to be a simple and fast way to learn from the comfort of your workplace, especially when participants are in entirely different cities (or even countries).


Webinar Topic #1 - Defining Resilience

Are you or your company struggling to accurately define ‘Resiliency’? Early last year, Dianne’s SVP asked her what the difference was between Operational and Enterprise Resiliency. She didn’t have a good answer. Fast forward another 15 months of reading articles, listening to webinars etc., Dianne believes she has some clarity. During the presentation you will hear Dianne’s take on of the differences between the most common ‘resilience’ terms – ‘Organizational’, ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Operational’. The presentation also includes an outline of which resilience type belongs at which level of the organization. Come ready to agree or disagree – she would love to hear your feedback.

Webinar Topic #2 -- The Importance of Teamwork In the Great Return to the Office

The pandemic was a test of survival for most companies. The strongest and most malleable ones pulled through and are now looking into the future. More than ever, companies need to be proactive and reassess their business continuity plans for future risk mitigation as we start the great return to the office. Returning to the office will be done in phases and we need to accept that the new office environment will not look exactly how it did pre-pandemic. Currently most organizations are focusing on social distancing and physical practices to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. However, we shouldn’t forget the impact of mental health on the return to the office. Business continuity plans need to start or continue the plan of creating a psychologically safe workplace by looking at practices around teamwork


Session Moderator: Vito Mangialardi 
Currently leading Metrolinx (Transit provider) BCM Program to strengthen it capability under adverse operating conditions to continue to be  a safe, and resilient public Transit Operator. 
And in the leadership role Metrolinx’s Covid-19 (pandemic) Incident Command Team as the both deputy and Commander for last 24 months managing response strategies, response team coordination and communications. 
Vito is an award winning, certified, motivated and experienced Senior Business Continuity Management (BCM) professional with a strong record of leadership and achievement delivering Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, Emergency Management, Risk Management and Incident Management planning. 
Vito’s career experience includes public and private sector program and project management delivering technology, facilities and operational initiatives to support business protection, resiliency and growth in the telecommunications, nuclear, transportation, environmental and engineering sectors.

Panelist:  Dianne Stephens   (AFBCI, CBCP)  
Dianne Stephens is an enthusiastic and experienced Resiliency professional. During the past 20+ years, she has been responsible for almost all disciplines within the Resiliency spectrum.  Her career has spanned multiple industries - Insurance, Electric utilities, Mortgage banking, Business process outsourcing, Travel reservation systems, Apartment leasing systems, and Commercial banking. Dianne’s current role includes the management, support and implementation of the Enterprise Resiliency, Crisis and Incident Management programs. Dianne has been responsible for business continuity across the US, Canada and many regions around the globe, including Canada (Hydro One and Enlogix). She is an active member of BCI and her local ACP (Association for Contingency Professionals) chapter. 

Panellist:  Ryan Cooke 
In his 14 years in the HR field Ryan has developed a unique skill set specializing in health and wellness and change management practices to assist organizations in going from good to great. Adding to the work experience, Ryan has worked on obtaining every letter in the alphabet of designations related to the HR field and is currently working on his masters of HR.


We look forward to welcoming you!




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