Why education is essential to the profession of BC/Resilience practice

  • 27 Sep 2022

27th September 2022 at 2PM (BST) | 3PM (CEST) | 9AM (EDT) | 5PM (GST) | 6:30PM (IST)

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''The opportunities for education to raise the profile and professionalism of BC resilience practice have grown massively over the 27 years I have been in the industry.''

Dr. Chris Needham-Bennett, Visiting Professor at UCL, offers an insight in this live webinar as to the best options for postgraduate (PG) study at several universities and how this can benefit a person's career as well as developing the professional status of the role. Not only does PG study progress job prospects it also facilities entry to several diverse related roles which takes the graduate way beyond the old concept of BC. Having supervised several students and lectured at three universities Dr. Chris will offer insight into the demands of study, especially when combined with full-time work.


Dr. Chris Needham-Bennett, Managing Director


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