The BCI Research Foundation RFP Process and Application Form

The BCI Research Foundation has been established by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) to support high quality applied research into topics related to organizational resilience, operational resilience, business continuity management, crisis management, and other resilience-related disciplines. 

Here are full details about how to apply for a BCI Research Foundation grant plus the application form:

The BCI Research Foundation



The application process starts with the completion of an application form (see below). The application will then be considered by the BCI Research Foundation’s Steering Committee and a shortlist will be drawn up. Shortlisted applicants will then be interviewed by the Steering Committee, using Zoom or Teams, prior to a final decision being made.

Required Outputs

To receive a grant award applicants must agree to provide the BCI with three distinct outputs in the English language:

  • A research paper of at least 5,000 words, plus an abstract and references. 
  • A summary for professionals: an approximately 1,000 word summary of the key points from the research for BCI members. This needs to focus on the practical outcomes from the research and how BCI members can use these outcomes to inform their day-to-day professional roles.
  • A presentation, followed by a 30 minute Q and A session, at the BCI Research Foundation Conference taking place in London on Wednesday 14th August 2024. 

What funding covers

Funding can be used to support the researcher’s or research team’s time, research assistance, survey or other data collection costs, data purchase or storage, travel, and other reasonable research expenses. The expected costs must be set out in the RFP Application Form, tracked during the project, and confirmed at the completion of the project.

Grant payment milestones

Grant awards will be made in four tranches:

  • One quarter paid before research commences.
  • One quarter paid after a check-in interview with the BCI Research Foundation Steering Committee two months into the project. This interview will confirm progress on the research and that the costs are in-line with expectations.
  • One quarter paid after completion of the project and acceptance of the research outputs by the Steering Committee.
  • One quarter after presentation of the research outputs at the BCI Research Foundation Conference. 
  • Grant payments will be made after receipt of an official invoice from the applicant or the applicant’s organization.

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the research design; the extent to which the project will advance knowledge in the fields of business continuity management, crisis management, organizational resilience, and operational resilience; and the relevance of the expected outcomes of the research to the professional practice of BCI members and others working in these fields.

Specifically, the Steering Committee will consider:

  • The perceived quality of the overall project.
  • The originality of the expected outcomes.
  • The viability of the project and the likelihood that the stated outcomes will be achieved.
  • The potential to complete the research programme within the timescales and budget set out in the application form.
  •  Whether the application seems to offer value for money.
  • The applicant’s ability to provide outputs to a good standard of written and spoken English.
  • The support available to the lead researcher from a wider team, mentor, and organization.

Terms and conditions

In submitting an application form you must confirm that you accept the terms and conditions.

The application form

This application form is designed to help you explain the research project that you would like the BCI Research Foundation to fund. The application is divided into several sections and you are advised to prepare information for every section before starting to complete the application form. For more information about each field click the Information icon which follows the field title.

The Q4 2023 request for proposals will open on 6th November.

The application form is being left open to enable potential applicants to prepare for the opening date. However, please note that any applications sent before the 6th November will be deleted.

>> The Terms and Conditions can be read here. <<