2018 Global BCI Continuity & Resilience Effective Recovery Winner: Walgreens

  • 08 Nov 2018
  • Jeyda

The winner of the 2018 BCI Continuity & Resilience Effective Recovery is Walgreens, provider of trusted care in communities in the United States.

The Business Continuity team responded efficiently to ensure Business Continuity plans were activated during hurricane season in 2017. The organization faced its greatest test when Hurricane Maria caused flooding, total loss of power/communication, water supply and catastrophic damage. All 120 Walgreens stores and two distribution centers in Puerto Rico were impacted.

Walgreens outstanding response to Hurricane Maria improved the health and wellbeing of impacted communities and helped the business gain valuable new repeat customers. The need of the community was met by filling thousands of emergency prescriptions provided to the community free of charge, pharmacists accompanied doctors to provide care to rural areas and nine pharmacies provided medications to evacuee shelters.

The team acted quickly and efficiently and ensured that their Emergency Operations Centre was activated as well as Business Continuity Plans. The process was effectively managed using most standard operating procedures. The team were able to contain financial losses when it came to business disruption and as a result of speedy recovery, Walgreens built new business as they were able to recover quicker than competitors.

The team’s response to the Hurricane exemplified Walgreens brand purpose, essence and promise to the community. They had an outreach of external partners wanting to align themselves with their healthcare services. This was made possible by the team’s effective approach of planning, identifying clear roles and responsibilities and having a strong partnership with the community and external partners. 

At the Awards ceremony, a comment on their behalf: “We are really proud to have won this award. Walgreens have done some amazing work during the hurricanes in 2017, which exemplified the brand, values and purpose of the organization, whilst fully supporting public health in the areas effected by the hurricanes.”.

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