5+1 Ways to reduce cybersecurity risk

  • 30 Apr 2018

A message from BCAW 2018 sponsor SAI Global 

Cybersecurity in linked to Business continuity in many ways. The rapid spread of digital technology is enabling organisations to quickly roll out new products and services to meet customer demands. Although digital technology offers vast possibilities for efficiencies and growth, it comes with its own set of challenges and risks. Digital platforms generate a huge amount of valuable, confidential, personal data that must be secured and backed up effectively.

Threats can come in many forms.

  •          Are you vendors secure?
  •          Are your systems protected from malware and ransomware?
  •          Are your staff acting in accordance with the GDPR?
  •          Do you have a business continuity process in place linked to you risk management strategy?

An integrated approach is essential to achieving a strong cyber security posture and business community plan. Find out more in the SAI Global eBook 5+1 Ways to reduce cybersecurity risk.

Part of Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018  


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