Build a better IT service desk eBook

  • 15 Aug 2018

AlertFind has created a new eBook as part of a new focus on IT incident management.

Learn how to improve the performance of your IT service desk and better serve your organization with expert advice.

A mature IT service desk does more than assist with password resets. It helps protect critical internal systems and quickly resolve incidents, bringing large-scale benefits to the organization and curbing costly downtime. However, in order for a service desk to bring value to an organization it all starts with the right processes. 

The eBook includes:

  • Warning signs of an immature IT service desk
  • How to identify key issues with a gap analysis
  • How training works with process to improve performance
  • Why you need communication tools to help streamline communication

Struggling with an immature IT service desk? Process improvement is the key to improving your IT support. Learn more in this new eBook.


AlertFind is a proven and trusted leader in the ENS category. Hundreds of companies and organizations around the globe-including many of the largest enterprises-rely on us to help protect and connect millions of employees, and ensure business continuity in times of crisis. From natural disasters to cyber attacks to civil unrest and more, AlertFind can help safeguard your organization in any emergency.

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