ClearView brings virtual reality to the business continuity market

  • 23 Nov 2018

At BCI World, ClearView demonstrated a new product, which adds virtual reality (VR) to the toolkit available to business continuity professionals. They demonstrated a crisis management module that simulated a terrorist attack on central London and which pitched show attendees into the middle of the incident command centre of an organisation caught up in the incident. Attendees were able to view the situation developing and to determine the actions that should be taken during two phases of the incident.


ClearView VR, developed in partnership with Phygital, a specialist VR company, brings the benefits of highly immersive, engaging, and realistic virtual environments which can be used for business continuity training, education, exercising, and awareness raising.


ClearView VR is available in three formats:

  • As a standard framework which can be customised to meet the specific training and awareness raising requirements of customers;
  • As a bespoke development which is built specifically for individual customers, replicating specific assets, such as recovery centres, within the virtual environment;
  • As a service delivered by ClearView Consultants, where ClearView provides all the kit necessary to facilitate and deliver VR-driven training and exercising for the customer.

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