The BCI's First Community Resilience Volunteer Week Is Here!

  • 07 Aug 2019

How are you getting involved in Community Resilience Volunteer Week (CRVW) 12th - 16th August?

CRVW aims to link BCI members with community organizations who may need help with their business continuity planning or organizational resilience.

Each member is likely to know of organizations in their community that need this help.

Pro bono work is great to get involved in as it allows you to pursue the issues about which you care deeply, encourages you to help others—and shows employers that you’re serious about a career in business continuity or resilience. 

Here are some tips for a successful contribution:

  • Be clear about your skills and what you can (and can’t) offer
  • Be clear about the scope of work that you are volunteering to do - it's a good idea to put this in writing
  • Be realistic about the time you can offer
  • Honour your commitment
  • Pick a cause, organization, or work that you feel passionately about or at least have some affinity towards
  • Don’t be scared to try something different
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Apply the same level of professionalism as you do in your day job

BCI Head of Communities, David West, delivered a webinar that explains the aim of the week and gives tips on how to get involved and deliver an effective contribution.

Anyone can contribute something to their local community. Together we can build a more resilient society! Please click on the button below to fill out the form and we will list your contribution on our website so you can inspire others to get involved: