Continuity&Resilience Q3 coming soon

  • 23 Aug 2018

The third edition of the BCI’s publication Continuity & Resilience will be available online on 5th September 2018. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect in this edition:

  • There is a special report on Battling through barriers; this article investigates how the London Bridge terror attack saw companies in the surrounding area facing an unprecedented challenge as they and the community struggled to return to normality.
  • Dr Aarti Anhal discusses the benefits of investing emotionally in people to negotiate difficult times as a must in business continuity.
  • Mastering the servers; The internet of things offers plenty of opportunities for business continuity but addressing them accurately and securely is vital.
  •  Telling the untold story; BCI India Chapter’s Think Tank offers solutions to aid continuity and resilience as India’s rapid economic growth continues.

This edition will also include the regular features on industry news and debates, appointments and My Lightbulb Moment – featuring Prakash D’mello, Resilience Operations Manager at Barclays.

BCI members can access the digital copy of the magazine by logging into the BCI website. 

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