How Natural Disasters Impact Businesses

  • 08 Aug 2018

Success in business frequently gets attributed to the proactive decisions made at the management level, but that’s not the whole story. Just as often, success or failure is determined by how business owners and managers handle situations that are out of their control. For example, how businesses deal with natural disasters can have a powerful impact on their survival.


Whether the disaster is a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, mudslides or anything else, it can throw a business’s carefully laid plans and projections into disarray. Supply chains may be broken, employees might be unable to get to work, and vital facilities or equipment could be damaged. In any event, businesses may find themselves needing to react to the reality of the situation and find a way around it. That’s why planning for natural disasters should be just as high of a priority for businesses as having a proactive growth plan for the future.


One of the most important things businesses can do to prepare for natural disasters is to take stock of their entire operations and consider all of the various ways natural disasters could disrupt them. They should do more than establish emergency escape routes in their facilities and stock up on emergency supplies — they also must consider how they will be able to get in touch with employees when communication lines are down. Business owners and management need to figure out how they will re-establish their supply chains if roads or other transportation networks are made impassable by the weather. Having alternate production plans in the event that any of their facilities are taken out of commission is also a must.


Reacting to these eventualities is just as imperative for success as being proactive. The following infographic contains key tips to help businesses effectively prepare for natural disasters.


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