How to build resilience amongst your teams

  • 29 Jan 2019

Dreamt of a moment when you have everyone on your team working at their very best in an abundant flow of positive energy? You should think of the best influence you can have on your team to effectively bring out their untapped potential. It is all embedded in an individual's HERO powers earnestly cultivated in the ambience of good leadership. Fortunately, we are all made with a template of HERO powers that can be developed and harnessed to its full functionality. Then we all become unstoppable forces with unique abilities to make a difference while working both at the individual level and as a team. We need, therefore, as leaders, to focus on our teams’ HERO powers to make sure they are fully enabled to higher levels of positive energy, creativity, focus and mental clarity to boost their best performance.

H = Hope

The beginning is hope. Hope is the energy that drives us towards achieving our goals. Hope enables us to generate ideas and pathways that keep us going. Along with plentiful energy, we need hope to stay focused on our course with a bearing in mind that we have the ability to achieve our set goals. Our goals are deemed unachieveable even with plenty of energy if we can't find the means to achieve. Hope provides means. With hope, there is always the will and the way. This is all we require to tap into our inner potential and accomplish that which may seem a distant possibility today. 

E= Empowerment

Hope brings forth empowerment. Employee empowerment is an involving process of providing tools, resources, training, motivation, and encouragement necessary to boost performance. Empowerment reaches beyond provision to include building trust in an individual's ability to solve problems and giving them the authority to find solutions to problems while trusting their judgment. Similar to a case where a student does not have the ability to handle a certain subject, the hope that there is assistance in writing services is what drives one to request someone to write me an essay on Google search. Thus, it is essential to embrace the fact that there lies great satisfaction in providing hope to employees. Such employees will in return display dedication with a growing level of competency while striving to bring out their inner best. This would be as a result of the autonomy they enjoy that gives them the freedom to harness the greatest of their untapped potentials to make a difference. Making a difference involves bringing out the best version of yourself to positively impact a process leading to a more desirable outcome. This is the most productive way to let people be amazing in whatever they do best.

R = Resilience

Resilience does not just stop at the ability to recover quickly from adversity as it is defined. Resilient people thrive in good times. Resilience inspires change and accurate thoughts. To be resilient is to be self-aware and to be cautious about the world, your thoughts and your style of thinking while recognising that these can work against them if care is not taken. This inspires proper planning, problem-solving and action taking. Building emotional resilience in people enables them to effectively function in all spheres of their lives with enhanced performance and productivity. Emotional resilience is an individual's psychological ability to cope with or adapt to pressure, change and stress. This on the long-term preserves energy and prevent burnout over our daily engagements at workplaces. 

O = Opportunities 

And finally opportunities. Get the right people in the right roles and give them the opportunities to learn and grow. This is a great way to broaden their horizon and deepen their skills set and one of the most effective ways to engage. External meetings and short courses will improve performance while providing personal satisfaction and quality career progress. It means a lot choosing to invest in one's career and personal development while developing their ability to deliver. This will be reciprocated by a great determination from your team and constant efforts to give the best. Provision of opportunities to grow and learn does not only lead to motivated and engaged employees but also results in employees who gradually rise the most valuable assets of the team. 

Having focused on the HERO powers of our team this has helped us develop human psychological capital that is knit in the unstoppable energy which reaches beneath their internal constraints to unearth great potential. This is undoubtedly a classic way to optimize human capital for any organization. We can make a huge difference in people's lives by helping them rise to the greatest of their undiscovered selves.The bulk of leadership is centered on how we can effectively make a difference in people to have them working at their absolute best. 


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