Meet the BCI Training Partner: Life Continuity Ltd

  • 24 Nov 2020

Training Partner Profile:

Life Continuity Ltd is a registered training institution with the Mauritius Qualification Authority, a Licensed Training Partner of the BCI and an Authorised Training Partner of  PECB-Professional Evaluation Certification Board of Canada. Life Continuity conducts the BCI CBCI Certification Course, BCI Professional Practices Courses and PECB ISO certification courses in Mauritius. The training and workshops can be organized face to face, online or customized for in-house participants.

One of the main activities of Life Continuity Ltd is to conduct professional training and consultancy in Business Continuity Management, Organizational Resilience, Sustainability and ISO Certifications. The main goals are to assist Private Businesses, Government, NGOs, Communities and Individuals in developing and acquiring the necessary business continuity skills and competencies to manage business interruptions, emergencies, disasters and crises.

Life Continuity also provides training in Business Management, ICT and Tourism Sustainable Management for implementation of SDGs, SENDAI Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and MS 165 Tourism ECO label.

Customized courses and workshops for Continuous Professional Development are also organized as per the special request of customers. They are the BIA practical workshop, Risk Management as per ISO 31000, Business Continuity Planning for implementation and certification to ISO 22301, Crisis Management Exercises, Validation of Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Risk Reduction workshop as per Sendai Framework, etc.

For overseas students, accommodation arrangements with transfers and meals can be arranged in the same location or area of the training institution.

Training Locations:

  • Grand Bay, Mauritius

Upcoming BCI courses:

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BCI Courses Provided:

  • CBCI Certification Course - MQA approved
  • BCI Introduction to Business Continuity Training Course - MQA approved
  • BCI Business Impact Analysis Training Course - MQA approved
  • BCI Incident Response and Crisis Management Training Course - MQA approved
  • BCIIntroduction to Organizational Resilience Training Course - MQA approved
  • Other BCI courses namely, Embedding BC, Policy and Programme Management, Designing Business Continuity Solutions, Developing and Managing the Business Continuity Plan, Designing and Delivering Effective Exercises Training Course and Validating your BCM Programme Training Course are provided on demand.

Meet the Instructors:

  • Chetty Ekambarum Saminada, BE, MBA, MBCI,MCMI, MIEx (Grad) ,Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor ISO 22301,LA BS 25999, LA ISO 27001

    Founder and Managing Director, Life Continuity

    He is the founder and Managing Director of Life Continuity which is a Training company offering professional training courses and skills development in the field of Business Continuity, Organisational Resilience, Supply Chain, Security, Information and Communication Technology, Business Management, Sustainability and Tourism.

    He has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Surrey (UK) and is a Registered Engineer with the Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius in the field of Electronics and Communications. His current professional qualifications and certifications include CBCI and MBCI from The BCI, MCMI- Member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI-UK), Full Member of the Institute of Export (IOE-UK), Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer for ISO 22301, Lead Implementer ISO 27001, Certified ISO/IEC 17025 Provisional Assessor, ISO 19600 Foundation, ISO 31000 and ISO 45000 transition.

    He worked in the Telecommunications/ICT sector with Mauritius Telecom/Orange Group for nearly thirty years. As a BCI approved Instructor, consultant and PECB trainer, he has a wide experience in the development and implementation of the six Professional Practices of the BCM Lifecycle as per BCI Good Practice Guidelines, ISO 22301, ISO 31000 across all sectors and at all levels in an organization.

    He is also a Mauritius Qualification Authority Approved Trainer and Mauritius Tourism Authority approved consultant for the implementation of MS 165 Eco Label.

    He conducts and organizes PECB ISO certification training for evaluation and certification of individuals, organization and products as per requirements of ISO Standards.

    As a committee member of BCI Southern Africa Chapter, he participated in BCI Africa Conference as a presenter, moderator, mentor, and speaker in 2018 and in a series of meetings in the BCI World Conference and Exhibition 2018.

    As a volunteer at a community level, he has given presentations on Business Continuity, Disaster Management and Organisational Resilience to Mauritius Revenue Authority, Moka-Flacq District Council, National Disaster Risk Reduction, CEB-Mauritius Central Electricity Board, BCI Southern Africa Chapter, etc

    He runs his own Tourist Businesses namely Hotel, Tourist Residences, Tour Operator, Travel Agent and a Car Rental company in Mauritius.



Contact details:

Life Continuity Ltd

Morcellement Boucan, Grand Bay, Mauritius

Mobile (230) 52592244, 2634344,

Email:, Website: