Resilience First and ARC: the App for Resilient Communities

  • 16 Mar 2018

London First has focused its security and resilience effort on the use of emerging technologies to allow organisations and communities to improve their own and support one other’s resilience.

During the ‘Making Resilience Work for Everyone’ workshop at the UK Security Expo – the global high-end security event at Olympia in London – the Application for Resilient Communities (ARC) was launched, underpinning their new programme, Resilience First.

Resilience First aim is to create an exchange of influential leaders who can improve urban resilience and thus resist disruptions. It takes as its heart the idea that prepared people and communities are better placed to mitigate the various security risks faced by organisations today. While there is generally great emphasis placed on physical infrastructure, soft assets such as behaviours conveyed through a mobile application provide a new approach.

The app, developed in partnership with Alchemmy Consulting and designers, facilitates these aims by communicating updates and best practice relevant to key disruptive challenges, as well as facilitating leadership and dialogue around the concepts of resilience.

While the app is not available for general download from the App Store or Google Play, it is available to download from For further information on our resilience work, please contact Robert Hall.

Deverell Associates and Security and Resilience Network Director, Robert Hall, have co-authored a blog addressing how communities can build resilience to highly disruptive events. Read it here.

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