The BCI partners with Redactive to publish a new magazine

  • 02 Feb 2018

Caversham, 1st February 2018 – The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has appointed publishing company Redactive to develop a new version of the historical BCI magazine ‘Continuity’.

The magazine will feature a brand-new name, ‘Continuity & Resilience’, a new design, and a modern sub-A4 format.

Working with Redactive, the BCI aim is to enhance the content of the magazine and improve the member experience. The new magazine will provide insights not only into business continuity issues but also selected issues from elsewhere across the spectrum of resilience disciplines. Increasingly, as demonstrated by the BCI’s revision of its Good Practice Guidelines for 2018, it is important to fit business continuity into the wider context of organisational resilience.

The magazine, which already has a global reach of over 10,000 both in print and digital formats, will focus on the central role business continuity plays worldwide across all sectors in enabling and delivering resilience.

David Thorp, Executive Director of BCI said:

We’re delighted to have formed a publishing partnership with Redactive to develop our membership magazine. We know members have valued their magazine and we’d like to reinforce this with new ideas, new content and fresh creativity. We are excited at the prospect of fulfilling the potential of our magazine and building fresh content via our partnership with Redactive, who already publish the membership journals for over 30 professional bodies.

Director of Redactive, Aaron Nicholls said:

With a wave of economic, technological and societal challenges continually threatening the ability of businesses from all over the globe to operate, the role of continuity professionals has become increasingly vital. BCI members ensure businesses are resilient and can continue to function and thrive. There is much that can be learned from one another and Continuity & Resilience’s content will share advice, analysis and case materials that will help BCI members to keep their business and economies moving. We’re looking forward to getting started.

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