USA Chapter AGM 2018

  • 07 Sep 2018

The BCI USA Chapter held their 2018 AGM virtually on 6 September 2018.

Chapter President Heather Merchan thanked outgoing board members Ted Brown, Sean Murphy and Rich Bogle and welcomed new board members Kim Hirsch, Erica Briggs and Roger Stearns.

She outlined the achievements of the last 12 months which were;

  • 6% increase in BCI membership in the USA
  • Trained the highest number of professionals in any year
  • Doubled the number of corporate partners
  • Achieved 83 third party citations of BCI research and thought leadership material
  • Massively outperformed 2017 for the global reach of social media for the 2018 business continuity awareness week

She outlined plans for 2019 which included;

  • Deployment of a dedicated business development manager for the USA to strengthen the BCI's relationships with organizations
  • Launch of a USA focussed online CBCI certification course
  • Increased availability of USA based CBCI certification courses
  • Launch of North America Next Practice Research Group to increase the output of thought leadership material

The recording of the meeting can be viewed here.