USA Chapter board election results

  • 22 Aug 2018

Each year the BCI USA Chapter provides the opportunity for new members to stand for the Chapter Board. This year 5 positions were available. Current President Heather Merchan and current Vice President Alice Kaltenmark were elected for a further 3 year period and the following new board members were elected;

Kimberly Hirsch
Erika Briggs
Roger Stearns

New board members will take their places at the Chapter Board meeting in September which will also see the retirement of long serving board members Sean Murphy, Ted Brown and Rich Bogle.

Chapter Chair Heather Merchan said “Sean, Ted and Rich have made a huge contribution to the chapter and institute during their time on the board and they will be missed. I am grateful for the many hours they have given to the development of the profession and the institute in the USA. I am delighted to see Kimberly, Erika and Roger elected to the board and I am sure they will be able to make equally valuable contributions. I am also grateful to those who stood for election but weren’t successful this time and I hope that they will still be able to make an active contribution which is something that all members can do whether they are in a formal board position or not.”

Click here to see available volunteer opportunities or contact the Chapter President Heather Merchan