Five Key technologies for recovery from Ransomware and other Cyber attacks

  • 15 Nov 2019

Join BCI Corporate Partner IBM for this on demand webinar. Recover business-critical applications and data rapidly and reliably. 

As you adopt hybrid multicloud to drive digital transformation, the risk profile of your business becomes more complicated. Your data protection and disaster recovery strategy must change accordingly to keep pace as traditional practices are not designed to address the impacts of cyber-related incidents. The recovery of data and infrastructure becomes challenging as modern malware are designed to target and corrupt not only production environments but also backed-up data.

Cyber resilience approaches with IT resilience automation and orchestration can help you defend against those risks by:
•    Bolstering your existing cybersecurity and business continuity programs
•    Protecting system configurations, applications and data against corruption or destruction from cyber attacks
•    Enabling rapid and reliable recovery of applications and data to a desired point in time
Watch the IDC-IBM joint webinar “Five key technologies for recovery from ransomware and other cyberattacks” to learn about the risk factors in hybrid multicloud and digital transformation, and the cyber resilience approach to help you mitigate the risks and impact of disruptions. 

Watch the webinar here: