BCI 25th Anniversary History Book - Printed Copy

This special edition paperback copy of "An oral history of a 21st century institute" is available for a limited time only to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BCI. Own a piece of BCI history and purchase your copy today! 

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Produced as part of the BCI's 25th anniversary celebrations, this book comprehensively documents the origins of the Institute in one place for the first time. Gathering the experiences and opinions of industry professionals close to the BCI, this publication celebrates everything the community has achieved so far and considers what the near future might hold for the Institute and the professionals it supports. 



  • Part one – The origins and development of a global institute (Tony Shepherd, Jim Burtles, Lyndon Bird, Andrew Hiles, Steve Yates, John Sharp, Garry Poole)
  • Part two – Growing the institute (Lyndon Bird, Steve Mellish, Andy Tompkinson, Ian Charters, Garry Poole, Jim Burtles, Angela Robinson)

The History of the BCI

  • Part three – Towards an international institute (Marie-Hélène Primeau, Henry Ee, Paul Kirvan, Brian Henry, Werner Verlinden, David James-Brown, Chris Green, Tim Janes)
  • Part four – The modern institute (James Royds, David James-Brown, James McAlister, Tim Janes)
  • Part five – The GPG (Lyndon Bird, Ian Charters, Des O’Callaghan, Mel Gosling)
  • Part six – The future (Elodie Huet, John Frost, Luke Bird, Fin Stannard, Rina Singh)

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