Introduction to Business Continuity (2 days)

An introduction to the world of business continuity designed as a first step for newcomers to the subject.


Introduction to Organizational Resilience (1 day)


An introduction to the concept of organizational resilience that provides a practical approach to enhance resilience capabilities


Business Impact Analysis (BIA) (2 days)


An in-depth look at the Analysis stage of the BCM Lifecycle to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of this key skill



Designing Business Continuity Solutions (1 day)


Design appropriate business continuity solutions, determine recovery objectives, and prepare for the implementation stage



Developing and Managing the Business Continuity Plan (1 day)


Learn how to develop business continuity plans, invocation and action plans, and how to make the plan operational



Designing and Delivering Effective Exercises (2 days)


Gain knowledge and understanding of how to design and deliver effective exercises that work



Embedding Business Continuity (1 day)


Introduce the art of designing and implementing effective embedding activities as a key part of business continuity management


Incident Response and Crisis Management (2 days)


Comprehensive learning opportunity covering all aspects of developing and implementing an incident response structure and crisis management capability



Policy and Programme Management (1 day)


Covers all aspects of creating and managing a successful business continuity policy and programme



Supply Chain Resilience Training Course (1 day)


Gain understanding of supply chains, how they are managed and how to add resilience measures to them, and therefore, the business.



Validating your BCM Programme Course (1 day)


Understand your organizations existing level of programme maturity and how to write and execute and assessment or audit