CBCI Certification Course

This course offers a solid description of the methods, techniques and approaches used by business continuity (BC) professionals worldwide to develop, implement
and maintain an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme. This Course is based on the BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG), the independent
body of knowledge for good business continuity (BC) practice.

The course takes you through the complete BCM Lifecycle step by step, and provides practical insights into all aspects pertaining to the development, implementation and management of a BCM programme within an organization through the instructor’s use of case studies and real-life examples.

Providers offering [CBCI Certification Course]

20 Results
  • JBTGlobal

    Margate Beach, Australia

    Location Date Duration  
    Brisbane, Australia 24 Sep 2018 5 day(s) Book
    Canberra, Australia 15 Oct 2018 5 day(s) Book
    Wellington, New Zealand 29 Oct 2018 5 day(s) Book
    Sydney, Australia 12 Nov 2018 5 day(s) Book
    Melbourne, Australia 03 Dec 2018 5 day(s) Book

    Perth, Australia

    Location Date Duration  
    Perth, Australia 01 Oct 2018 5 day(s) Book
  • RiskLogic

    Sydney, Australia

    Location Date Duration  
    Sydney, Australia 08 Oct 2018 4 day(s) Book
  • Premier Continuum INC

    Montréal, Canada

    Location Date Duration  
    Fort Lauderdale, United States 05 Nov 2018 3 day(s) Book
    Montreal, Canada 28 Nov 2018 3 day(s) Book
    Toronto, Canada 03 Dec 2018 3 day(s) Book
    San Francisco, United States 10 Dec 2018 3 day(s) Book
    Geneva, Switzerland 14 Jan 2019 4 day(s) Book
  • BCM Academy GmbH

    Hamburg, Germany

    Location Date Duration  
    Hamburg, Germany 26 Nov 2018 5 day(s) Book