Why staff well-being should be prioritised during an incident

  • 13 May 2024
  • , 2 PM (BST)

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Operational resilience can be defined by the ability of an organization can bounce back after a disruptive event. Where different organizations may prepare for different scenarios, one thing is certain; no organization can respond effectively without a team prepared and ready for action. 

This session will focus on exploring ways to prepare and embed staff well-being interventions to ensure your staff feels supported before, during and after an incident and what this may mean, as an organization, if these preparations are not considered.


  • Natalie Fairchild.png

    Natalie Fairchild

    Customer Success Manager, F24

    Natalie is Customer Success Manager for F24 UK, responsible for onboarding, configuring, and training tailored installations for organisations to bring operational processes and procedures to life through software.

    Before working for F24, Natalie worked in the international disaster management field, facilitating Crisis management activities for deployed teams responding to major incidents, such as Aviation incidents, COVID19, geopolitical conflict and other high intensity scenarios. This entailed a particular high attention to team welfare before, during and after deployments to ensure each team member could support the affected organisation, survivors, and their families effectively, as well as making the return to daily life with minimal impact on personal wellbeing. 

    Natalie is still an active responder in the humanitarian field and studies an MSc in Risk Analysis, Disasters and Resilience at Kings College London, alongside her role at F24. She takes pride in her work and strives to incorporate her experience and knowledge when consulting organisations in how software can enhance their organisational resilience.


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