Meet the Team

David Thorp

Executive Director



David West, CBCI

Head of Communities

Kirsty Morrison

Customer Service Manager

Kirstie Wise

Customer Service Executive

Thought Leadership


Rachael Elliott

Head of Thought Leadership

Lucila Aguada

Research and Insight Analyst

Kamal Muhammad

Research and Insight Analyst



Lee Sadler

Head of Channels

Natalie Turner

Marketing Manager

Marianna Pallini

Digital Marketing Manager

Lexy Walker

Marketing Executive

Ruth Elmore

Events Manager

Sergio Gallego-Schmid

Communities Events Manager

Lisa Riordan

Business Development Manager

Poppy Balfour

Corporate Account Manager



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Joelene Moore

Corporate Relationship Executive



Caroline Khan

Technical Operations Manager

Deb Johnson


Anusha Ramakrishnan

CRM Administrator

Education and Training

Steph Morris

Head of Education and Training

Samhita Ganguly

Education and Training Project Specialist

Emma Fuller

Education and Training Project Specialist


Simon Wardle

Head of Finance