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Browse our range of E-Learning courses below with beginner and advanced level courses on offer.

BCI Business Continuity Basics Course

Business Continuity Basics

The perfect short course for those just starting out in business continuity. This course is ideal for new starters or as part of an induction process providing them with a brief overview (up to 30mins) of the basic principles of business continuity to apply to their role.  


BCI Introduction to Business Continuity Course

Introduction to Business Continuity

A basic introduction to business continuity, designed for professionals with some business continuity responsibilities. This course introduces key concepts and enables you to start building an action plan to apply your learnings straight away, within your organization. 


BCI Introduction to Organizational Resilience Course

Introduction to Organizational Resilience

A basic introduction to organizational resilience, introducing key principles and a practical approach to teach you how organizational resilience can be developed and improved in your organisation. Perfect for professionals who have some organizational resilience responsibilities within their role to enhance their knowledge and application.



Our advanced level certification equipping organizations and professionals with the knowledge and skills to craft a robust business continuity programme.

CBCI course

CBCI 7.0 Certification Course 3-5 days online or in-class

The CBCI 7.0 Certification Course is the BCI’s number one course that teaches you the fundamentals to implement an effective Business Continuity Management System into your organization and provides you with a solid base for a career in business continuity and resilience. 

CBCI Online Course

CBCI 7.0 Online 6-week course

The CBCI Online course provides flexibility for studying at a time that suits you, supported by recorded sessions and is a highly convenient course designed to work around your schedule, irrespective of whether you are new to business continuity or a seasoned professional.

CBCI Refresher Course

CBCI Refresher Course

The CBCI Refresher Course has been designed to bridge the gap between the GPG 2018 edition and the GPG Edition 7.0.

This course is available as a 2-week course delivered directly by the BCI or a 1-day course delivered by our Licensed Training Partners.

This course is only for students who have passed any version of the CBCI Exam in the past.

Specialism Courses

Our specialism courses deliver knowledge on a range of topics impacting business continuity. These are ideal courses for professionals to complete after CBCI to gain more in-depth knowledge on these key areas impacting Business Continuity.

Introduction to Business Continuity Course

Introduction to Business Continuity Course

An in-depth course introducing key leadership concepts including the emotional and behavioural elements as well as stakeholder management. An advanced course featuring practical guidance and interviews with experienced crisis leaders to enhance your understanding of the field.

1 & 2 Day Courses

Impact Analysis Course

Business Impact Analysis Course

A course designed to help professionals understand how to conduct business impact analysis for their organizations in order to effectively identify opportunities and constraints. 

1 & 2 Day Courses

Designing and Delivering Exercises Course

Designing and Delivering Effective Exercises Course

This course aims to provide an understanding of how to design, facilitate and report on exercises for crisis, emergency and business continuity management programmes. This course is great for those professionals that have completed the CBCI course.

1 & 2 Day Courses

Incident Response

Incident Response and Crisis Management Course

A course exploring the concepts of incident and crisis management and equipping you with the right tools and techniques to apply when handling or anticipating incidents. This will inform you of the key activities, role and responsibilities required for effective incident and crisis management.

1 & 2 Day Courses

Supply Chain Resilience Course

Supply Chain Resilience Course

This course covers building resilience into your supply chain which is currently more important than ever before with increased global issues we have seen including the pandemic, border closures and climate change impact. A great course for professionals whose roles interface into supply chain too. 

1 & 2 Day Courses