Hackers. Ransomware. Data theft. How would you react? Train your business continuity team with our immersive simulation.

Could you handle a cyber attack? Prepare your business and energise your incident response teams by playing this realistic, immersive simulation.

Four players are required in the roles of Incident Manager, Head of IT, Head of Communications and Managing Director. Then, using a realistic virtual desktop with familiar communications channels, players must communicate with stakeholders, read and reply to emails, take phone calls, monitor breaking news and social media, and more.

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The exercise is designed to encourage critical thinking and incident management skills, highlighting the importance of decisions made during a crisis and how they impact the organisation.

A Facilitated Exercise:

The simulation pace is controlled by a facilitator - someone knowledgeable to lead the exercise and oversee players’ actions and performance, so they can provide feedback during or after the exercise. Maybe this will be you?

What you get - Access to the game gives you:

  • A unique URL where your participants will register and play in a secure, private environment
  •  A facilitator dashboard to control the exercise 
  • A facilitator guide PDF with game objectives, suggested brief and debrief, story timeline and all mechanics.
  • A player’s guide PDF to send to participants
  • Online help docs and support.
  • Unlimited runs of the exercise with different players for one year.

Setting-up the Game:

These are the ingredients for an ideal run of the game:

  • Four participants and a facilitator. The facilitator is the person who buys the exercise. If the facilitator wants to play as a participant too, they will need to use another email and use two different browsers or use incognito mode in order to maintain two identities (i.e. participant and facilitator).
  • A modern browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge) and an internet connection
  • 45 minutes of time to play. Pausing to reflect on decisions and outcomes will of course make the exercise longer.

It’s time to put your skills to the test. Do you have what it takes? 

Are you a BCI Corporate Member? BCI Corporate Members receive a free annual licence to the game. Just contact your account manager to receive your voucher!