Why you should take the CBCI Exam:

  • Gain a globally recognised and industry certification that will make you stand out in job searches, in your workplace, and in the business continuity & resilience industry.   
  • Showcase your competency and expertise in business continuity by showcasing your CBCI credential via the BCI Digital Badge system. 
  • Expand your global professional network through your BCI Membership – which also provides you with a wide range of resources, content, and benefits.  

About the CBCI Exam: 

  • The CBCI Exam is a 90-minute exam that consists of 90 multiple-choice questions and is designed to test candidates’ understanding of the course content, including all six professional practices. 
  • All six professional practices are assessed in the single ninety-minute examination, with each unit carrying equal marks.
  • To sit the exam, all you need is a good laptop/desktop,  webcam and a stable internet connection – the CBCI Exam is online, closed-book, and supervised by a proctor.
  • To pass the examination, candidates must answer at least 63 questions correctly. Candidates who answer 77 or more questions correctly will pass with merit.
  • The BCI has arrangements for making reasonable adjustments for disabled candidates, as well as giving special consideration to candidates affected by events beyond their control.
  • The CBCI Exam can be purchased via our Licenced Training Partner as part of the CBCI Certification Course, or in the BCI Shop via the CBCI Online bundle.

CBCI Mock Exam - Make sure you're prepared! 

Leave nothing to chance. Our mock exam lets you practice for the CBCI Exam. 

You should attend the CBCI 7.0 Certification Course and study the Good Practice Guidelines 7.0 edition, until you think you’re ready for the exam, and then make sure by sitting this 90-question practice run. 

Instant responses will tell you if you’ve passed or failed and give you a score so you can monitor your performance. All responses are cross-referenced with the Good Practice Guidelines, so you can easily identify areas where you need further revision.

You can retake the Mock Exam as many times as you need. Purchase the Mock Exam now to start practicing!  

CBCI Exam Re-sits

If you have failed the CBCI exam, please contact [email protected] and they will guide you through the re-sit process and purchase. 

For more information about the CBCI Exam please contact [email protected] or use the form linked below.