Mindful Organising

My name is Shane McMahon and I am currently undertaking an MSc in Risk, Crisis and Resilience Management at the University of Portsmouth. My research dissertation seeks to establish the level of Mindful Organising present in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom. The results of this questionnaire will form the basis for my final dissertation.

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Security Risk Assessments: How Do We Actually Do That? 

The Safety & Security Science Group of TU Delft is conducting research into the way in which decision-making takes place by individual security professionals. Part of this research is a survey of the most important criteria on which security risks and measures are assessed. This survey also investigates whether and what role security expertise plays in this decision-making process. Everyone who is involved or interested in security in any way is cordially invited to participate in this (English) survey. Participation is completely anonymous and will take you around 10 minutes. 

Although the research focuses primarily on security risk assessments, security risks may also have consequences for BC. The answers can also be interesting for a BIA

With a sufficient response, preliminary results will be shared during the ASIS Security Management Congress 2019 and at a BCI local event. Participate and help science!

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Risk management on complex projects

The project is entitled ‘Identify Risks for Complex Project ', and will consider the more appropriate risk identification methods in complex project for the UK construction companies aspects related to this subject;

This research is being conducted by Ruiqi Ni, in support of her studies for an MSc at the University of Warwick, and this research is self-funded by the student.

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Supply Chain Resilience in the Grocery Sector and how prepared your firm is to various change scenarios (e.g. Brexit; Tech; Environmental) 

The survey questions revolve around key factors around your firm's supply chain resilience and how prepared your firm is to various change scenarios (e.g. Brexit; Tech; Environmental) and relate to potential infrastructure requirements or improvements that may mitigate against any risks. Your responses will be aggregated with other collaborating firms - upon which we will share our findings when our project is complete. 

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Women at cyber security conferences

We're asking a handful of questions to women and our aim is to ensure more women attend cybersecurity conferences and have better experiences when they do. By answering these questions, please know that you're playing a major role in ensuring this. After gathering some demographic answers, our questions are broken into three main sections:

  • Code of conduct and behaviour,
  • Women's voices, and
  • Facilities.

Your responses will be reviewed and used for measuring the numbers of women at cybersecurity conferences, along with their experiences and driving higher standards of behaviour. They will make the work we're doing on the IN Security Code of Conduct, see http://bit.ly/INSecurityCOC, more valuable and impactful. The IN Security Movement is passionate about attracting, developing, and retaining more women in cybersecurity. This means we focus on your career journey, campaign for higher standards within the field, and firmly believe it's the best industry to be in!

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